Lessons from the Frontline: How to Build a Bulletproof Business Case for a CDP

Buying technology is never “easy,” but with the martech space continuing to sprawl and CFO scrutiny at its highest point in years, getting buy-in from leadership for additional investments is harder than ever before.

At the Digiday Publishing Summit Miami, BlueConic's Patrick Crane shared the best practices we’ve developed from working with hundreds of customers across the globe that have helped them quantify the impact of a CDP, build organizational buy-in, and deliver successful projects.

Download the on-demand video to learn:

  • An ROI framework with two key dimensions

  • KPIs our customers use to measure success

  • A basic formula to calculate ROI for your organization

You’ll takeaway actionable next steps and plenty of examples to kick off your organization’s journey to making the most of your first-party customer data.

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