How Franklin Sports Built a Hyper-Personalization Strategy

Hyper-personalization (a.k.a. individualized marketing, individualization, people-based marketing — whatever you prefer to call it) has taken off across industries and business models in recent years, especially in the ever-evolving world of ecommerce and retail.

Franklin Sports Digital Marketing Analyst Aaron Seitz joined the BlueConic team at MarTech East 2019 to share how his team uses a CDP to develop and deliver hyper-personalized messaging across channels to provide the best product recommendations to customers based on their specific profiles.

As Seitz notes, unifying data in one place is the first step to being able to target customers with hyper-personalized recommendations:

  • “As our CDP audience has grown, we realized someone buying a custom batting glove is completely different from someone buying a soccer ball for their kid in the backyard. Identifying audiences and pools and not only do you have all this great data and it’s all in one place. Then, you say great, now what are meaningful action items you can take.”

Watch the entire MarTech East session featuring Seitz and BlueConic’s Cory Munchbach to find out how he continually reaches (and exceeds) his organization’s lofty marketing goals by using a customer data platform on a daily basis.

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