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How One Retailer Levels the Playing Field with Amazon

An apparel retailer with ecommerce and brick-and-mortar stores that uses BlueConic is constantly looking for innovative ways to engage and influence its customers across channels — as well as compete with retail giants 100x their size.

In this webinar, we walk through how the apparel-and-accessories retailer in question leverages an omnichannel customer view that combines the power of online behavioral data, POS data, and predictive CLV and RFM modeling to create more value for the business.

And all without the help of additional business intelligence professionals, data scientists, or analysts.

Watch our webinar to discover how your retail business can:

  • Stay competitive with retail giants — even with limited budget, time, and resources

  • Create an omnichannel customer view that drives valuable changes for your company

  • Successfully leverage a CDP to unlock the potential of your first-party shopper data

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