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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connection

Solutions Brief

On its own, Salesforce Marketing Cloud falls short on providing bespoke experiences across the customer journey, ultimately only pushing outbound campaigns that don’t account for real customer behaviors.

With BlueConic, you can ingest profile data from across your stack into rich and persistent customer profiles to fuel Salesforce Marketing Cloud, including Journey Builder, with the real-time, individual-level event and profile data.

You’ll finally be able to execute highly relevant marketing programs through Salesforce Marketing Cloud with personalized interactions your customers will love.

Download this in-depth solutions brief to learn all about BlueConic’s Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connection. You’ll discover:

  • What type of data BlueConic can send to Salesforce Marketing Cloud to fuel personalized experiences on-site and in email

  • What type of data BlueConic can ingest from Salesforce Marketing Cloud to enrich customer profiles for modeling and segmentation

  • How to get more utility out of your event data including product recommendations, customer lifetime value modeling, and lifecycle orchestration

Download your complimentary copy of our Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connection solutions brief today.

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