HEINEKEN USA’s Journey to Building Golden Consumer Records

Like many consumer package goods (CPG) companies, HEINEKEN lacked access to first-party data because retailers, restaurants, bars, and/or entertainment venues stand between the brand and their customers. Without a direct line to their consumers, they lacked insights into their audiences and depended on anonymized data to drive marketing efforts.

But as privacy legislation and consumer data concerns like GDPR and CCPA become more prominent and browsers put forth additional limitations on third-party cookies, HEINEKEN USA knew they needed to make the inevitable shift to collecting and activating first-party data more effectively.

Learn how HEINEKEN USA embarked on their journey to building golden consumer records to enable their direct-to-consumer engagement strategies.

In this video, you’ll learn: 

  • How their media team is using data in BlueConic to improve ad targeting and optimization

  • How they use BlueConic to mitigate consumer data risk and centralize consent management

  • Why they replaced their DMP segments with BlueConic’s multi-dimensional segments based on unified data

  • What new DTC marketing programs and channels they are able to launch for the first time

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