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Are Data Clean Rooms the Future of Attribution? The Key to Post-Cookie Measurement

In the wake of third-party cookie deprecation and its debilitating impact on digital advertising, both brands and media companies are being forced to look beyond traditional methods of performance measurement. That’s why many companies are turning to data clean rooms. But what exactly is a clean room? And what role does it play in solving this challenge?

Originally hosted via Adweek and presented by two executives from customer data platform Blueconic, this webinar looks at data clean room solutions and how they could be critical to your post-cookie attribution and measurement challenges. You’ll find out:

  • How data clean rooms enable closed-loop measurement in a cookieless and privacy-first world

  • Why consumer goods and retail brands are using clean rooms for compliant second-party data sharing

  • How media and publishing companies are using cleans rooms to bolster their ad products

Presented by:

Cory Munchbach, Blueconic COO, and Michele Szabocsik, BlueConic VP of Marketing

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