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Data Privacy: Compliance and Consent Management Tips

New data privacy laws continue to roll out worldwide. Browsers are doubling down on user-tracking behaviors. And with GDPR-esque laws coming to the U.S. — including the CCPA — companies need to provide a standard of consumer privacy.

What most brands don’t realize, though, is these data privacy measures offer an opportunity to build trust with their customers and garner greater customer loyalty. Consumers expect to give up data — if they get something in return.

A CDP with identity resolution functionality can help you unify and activate customer data on their terms. Be prepared to take advantage of new data privacy laws by watching our on-demand webinar, which offers insights on:

  • Why identity resolution is the backbone of customer relationships

  • How marketing can deliver value and ease consumer tensions about privacy

  • What technology can help you set up consent practices for marketing

Watch our data privacy webinar today to learn how to build your brand’s consent strategy.

Hosted by BlueConic Director of Product Marketing Sam Ngo and Sales Engineer Connor Bouthot

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