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Identity Crisis: Engaging Customers in a Post-Cookie World

We are entering a world where identifiers like third-party cookies or mobile IDs are no longer viable proxies for identity. Calls for GDPR-like privacy regulation in the U.S. paired with ongoing Google and Apple announcements that further deprecate the use of these identifiers make a post-cookie world inevitable.

Companies will need a solid transformation strategy to compete in this new world. Whether you’re in media & publishing, retail, CPG, financial services, telecom, or something else entirely, there is no escaping the impact.

So the question is: after two decades of fine-tuning marketing programs and personalizing customer experiences on the foundation of fragmented identifiers, what comes next?

In this webinar, we provide answers to that question and discuss how technology choices matter when it comes to customer identity management and customer engagement going forward.

In this webinar we cover:

  • Managing customer identity for actionability in a cookie-less world

  • The tradeoffs between using CDPs, DMPs, and MDM solutions

  • Examples of how companies are already making the transformation

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