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Why Brands Will Abandon Marketing Cloud Suites in 2021

The marketing cloud suites offered by the likes of Salesforce, Adobe, SAP, and Oracle have made lots of promises over the years to brands and marketers: from claims they’re easy-to-use, one-stop-shop martech to assertions they provide a truly unified single customer view.

The truth is these marketing cloud suites have failed (and continue to fail) to deliver on both these database capabilities and guarantees to solve for organizations’ most pressing customer data management needs — including and especially a single view of all customers.

In fact, more business leaders and day-to-day marketers are finally starting to see right through these marketing cloud vendors’ so-called assurances and continue to abandon them in favor of a more efficient and proven technology: the customer data platform (CDP).

Watch our special on-demand webinar, co-hosted with eMarketer, to discover why countless enterprise brands are ditching their marketing cloud solutions and implementing CDPs, which offer the first-party data unification and streamlined activation they need to succeed today.

In our webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Why so many businesses are now building their own martech stacks instead of relying on cloud suites

  • How the CDP differentiates itself from marketing cloud companies (and actually fulfills their promises)

  • Specific ways in which a CDP enhances the value and utility of your other core marketing technologies

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