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The shift from third-party to first-party data is disrupting the media & publishing industry, but publishers that embrace privacy and consent are earning a competitive advantage. BlueConic transforms the way your growth-focused teams operate by empowering them with unified, actionable, and privacy-compliant first-party data to increase their agility and drive business outcomes.

Deliver privacy-led experiences

Embed privacy into the customer experience. Create trust with customers by using front- and back-end privacy features to centrally manage consent to inform what customer data is used to deliver experiences.

Create new digital products

Design new digital products and experiences for customers using a unified view of their engagement, behaviors, customer lifecycle stage, product preferences, and/or content interests.

Monetize new audiences

Monetize your first-party data by packaging and selling segments to ad partners and/or developing second-party data sharing relationships via Data Clean Rooms.

Improve ad performance

Tailor messages to audiences onsite or through connections with ad tech platforms. Whether they are anonymous or known individuals, improve engagement with ads onsite by leveraging data in a unified customer profile.

  • "Consent has always been top of mind for us. BlueConic has made it easy to tailor the experiences to collect consent across our various brands, and ensure we’re always adhering to our audience’s latest preferences."
    Kim Vansteenkiste | Customer Journey and Data Product Manager, Roularta Media Group
  • "Being able to segment users based on their interests, engagement, and active subscriptions, among other things has allowed me to send more relevant and revenue generating messaging to these users at the right place and at the right time."
    Wes Anderson | Head Media Buyer x Customer Acquisition, Angel Publishing
  • "By leveraging BlueConic’s actionable insights across brands, we take personalization to the next level and provide a user experience that drastically outpaces the competition. The result is a more engaged audience, more subscribers and increased advertising revenues."
    Peter Doucette | VP, Consumer Sales & Marketing, Boston Globe Media Partners
  • “We have a very classic publishing business that's almost 30 years old. We had a lot of archaic business practices as it relates to how we contact people and what data we are storing about them. We had nothing beyond their credit card information and how they're paying us. With BlueConic, we sped up to the times.”
    Sarah Desmarais | Director of Marketing, CRM & Audience Strategy, America’s Test Kitchen
  • “Six new paid subscribers isn’t a huge number, but it only took us five minutes to build this campaign. If I can get six subscriptions via a campaign that only took us five minutes to create, that’s a major win for us.”
    Kyle Whitfield | VP, Consumer Revenue, The Advocate

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