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BlueConic is the only customer data platform with the collective capabilities, expertise, and approach to help you navigate the ongoing challenges of the post-cookie, privacy-first era.

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Shift from third- to first-party data

Adapting to a world without cookies doesn’t have to be daunting. At BlueConic, we bring expertise, partnership, and empathy to all of our interactions with customers, so you can survive third-party data deprecation and thrive in a first-party data world.

Increased businesss agility & resilience

Responding to rapid shifts in the environment can be incredibly problematic. Only BlueConic enables you to decrease your reliance on external vendors and increase your agility through easy self-service and empowering actionability.

Customer relationship transformation

Attempts to execute customer centricity at scale can’t afford to fall short. With BlueConic, you can transform the customer experience without conforming to the limitations of your existing tech stack.

Growth Teams

Build a single customer view for growth-focused teams

Activate on a consolidated source of customer data truth to unleash growth.


Move as quickly as your customers with access to a single customer view designed for real-time, cross-channel customer engagement.

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Create high performing advertising offerings and/or data products using your company’s unique and valuable first-party data.

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Customer Experience

Bridge the gap between insights and activation to deliver relevant and timely experiences across all channels and lifecycle stages.

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Move as fast as your customers do

Leverage a CDP with the means to handle the volume, variety, and velocity of data created by individuals in the digital era.

Consumer Goods

Develop direct relationships with consumers and move away from a reliance on third-party data.

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Media & Publishing

Power customer engagement and audience monetization with innovative use of first-party data.

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Liberate inaccessible customer data that’s trapped across multiple systems and business divisions.

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Support a fast-moving, end-to-end customer experience that fosters loyalty and lasting value.

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Financial Services

Improve the way you recognize and interact with customers across channels and lifecycle stages.

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Power your growth initiatives with data

Unlock the power of first-party customer data to drive transformational growth.

Direct-to-Consumer Diversification

Create new revenue streams while improving your ability to collect and use consented first-party data.

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Digital Products & Experiences

Reimagine the way you create value for customers and drive revenue growth.

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Data Science Democratization

Empower business users to act on the output of analytics and data science efforts in real time.

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Customer Lifecycle Marketing

Orchestrate bespoke experiences that benefit the customer and your business.

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Audience Monetization

Diversify revenue streams and accelerate growth by capitalizing on the demand for your customer data.

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Data Deprecation

Reduce your reliance on third-party data and start maximizing the value of consented first-party data.

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  • 250%

    The increase in identifiable customers HEINEKEN USA can build direct relationships with.

    “For the first time ever, we can use HEINEKEN’s own segments instead of relying on third-party data. With that data in hand, we can design robust, personal journeys for various audiences.”
    Director, Consumer Data Strategy | HEINEKEN USA
  • 3X

    The improvement to Telia’s cross-sell and upsell conversion rates after implementing BlueConic.

    “BlueConic was the technology we needed to enable an entirely new way of working that eliminated previous data bottlenecks and supported cross-functional collaboration.”
    Lena Lindgren | Head of Customer Value Management & Analytics B2C, Telia Company
  • 90%

    The percent of personalized homepage experiences that Franklin Sports provides visitors that are powered by unified profiles in BlueConic.

    “For Franklin, BlueConic is the nucleus for everything we do from a marketing standpoint.”
    Aaron Seitz | Digital Marketing Manager, Franklin Sports

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