A Customer Data Platform to Liberate Your Data

BlueConic is a pure-play customer data platform that scales for today’s goals and tomorrow’s ambitions.

Designed for Speed, Scale, and Flexibility

Our customer data platform gives you access to unified, actionable data that offers both confidence and utility whenever and wherever you need it.

Unified Customer Profiles

Everything in BlueConic starts with a unified profile. That means every data point you collect is translated into an attribute of an individual customer that is persistently stored in the profile. Capture unlimited attributes for every individual – both known and anonymous.

Dynamic Segmentation

Build your own multi-dimensional segments using any combination of profile attributes, or expand on our predictive behavioral segments that are available right out of the box. Either way, BlueConic segments update in real time and can be activated across multiple channels.

Lifecycle Orchestration

Orchestrate individualized experiences in every stage of the customer lifecycle. Recognize each customer’s preferences and behaviors, in the moment, to consistently deliver the right messages and suppress the wrong ones at every touchpoint.

Modeling & Analytics

Run predictive models in real time across your entire profile database – enabling you to enrich profiles with customer scores, build smarter segments, and create new data visualizations to gain new insights.

See what BlueConic can do for you.

Whether you’re looking for operational efficiencies or improved marketing effectiveness through data activation, our customer data platform can help.