Modeling & Analytics

Power customer analytics & insights with AI

Apply machine learning to unified, first-party data that is connected to your entire martech ecosystem.

Predictive Modeling screenshot

Improved analytics & insights

Use your entire profile database to run models at the speed you need. Growth-focused teams can enrich profiles with customer scores and build smarter segments to immediately influence customer experiences and interactions.

AI Workbench


Extensive AI and machine learning capabilities are built into the platform with options for business users and data scientists alike. Apply pre-built notebooks or bring in your own models. Schedule scores to refresh every 3 minutes.

A/B Testing & Optimization


Test and optimize customer experiences from within BlueConic. Utilize traditional A/B testing techniques, automatically optimize based on what performs best, or apply more advanced models using AI Workbench.

Built for Non-Technical Teams


Our user-friendly interface offers models like CLV, RFM, and propensity right out of the box. Pick the ones you want, apply them to your data, and schedule the models to run as often as you need.

Insights & Reporting


Discover new customer insights with rich data visualizations based on the output of your models. Select pre-built visualizations from our insights gallery or create your own. Add data visualizations to dashboards that can be easily shared across teams.

  • "Telia Sweden focused on increasing their upsell and cross-sell conversions by enhancing Salesforce Journey Builder with the power of BlueConic’s unified profiles, segmentation, predictive modeling, and lifecycle orchestration capabilities – leading to a 40% increase in conversions for specific campaigns."
    Lena Lindgren | Head of Customer Value Management & Analytics B2C, Telia Company

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