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Fingerspitz Leverages BlueConic to Accelerate Digital Transformation for Their Clients

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Industry Retail
Initiative Third-Party Data Deprecation

1960% ROI

for Pinterest SEO

50% increase

in engagement from Pinterest CPC campaigns

About Fingerspitz

Fingerspitz is a data-driven online marketing agency based in the Netherlands. Started in 2011, the agency has grown its practice to include 50+ specialists active in search, social, analytics, conversion, automation, video, and more. Fingerspitz serves clients in a variety of industries, including consumer goods, retail, and B2B.

As a Solution Partner, Fingerspitz leverages BlueConic to serve the digital marketing needs of its impressive client base.


Fingerspitz clients all have similar goals: to get to know their customers better and increase conversions. One such client is a leading kitchen manufacturer with over 80 years of experience and 28 physical showrooms. They knew personalized marketing was the future, but didn’t have the capabilities to get started in collecting data or executing their use cases.

At the same time, the kitchen manufacturer struggled to unite their online and offline data to form a single view of their customer. But Fingerspitz loves a challenge and uses BlueConic to drive an innovative, bespoke approach to scale personalization and measure its impact on the business.


Personalization, Measured

The kitchen manufacturer knew that a single customer view, paired with personalization, had the potential to increase revenue. The team hoped to drive more direct sales and in-store appointments by converting unknown site visitors into known visitors and known visitors into customers.

Fingerspitz’s first initiative was to drive conversions through a kitchen book download creating an opportunity to collect valuable first-party data. But what would be the best solution for their client and the customer?

Using BlueConic to A/B test an onsite experience, Fingerspitz set up an experiment where 50%, control group A, could simply download the kitchen book and the other 50%, group B, was asked to provide an email in order to download.

The results were fascinating, 8% of the group that was asked for their email address complied, and yet the manufacturer received 65% more kitchen orders from them than group A.

In essence, asking for a commitment (providing their email) drove 65% more orders per month.

It was reciprocation in action: by providing value in the form of a kitchen book, customers were willing to provide valuable email addresses to the manufacturer. These email addresses allowed the manufacturer to deepen the customer relationship and design more personalized experiences for later campaigns.

BlueConic allows us to design innovative solutions for our customers pain points by flexing and scaling to meet each of their individual needs."

Tim Van Ijsendoorn, Partner and Innovation Manager, Fingerspitz

Fingerspitz was also able to run similar tests on appointment forms and cookie banners, without having to rely on technical resources, like IT or external web developers. Setting up these experiments for their clients took minutes, with little involvement from the client’s IT team, or additional Fingerspitz’s resources.

For appointment forms, Fingerspitz used BlueConic to prefill the form using known customer data when they recognized the customer. Because BlueConic was capturing data on-site, Fingerspitz could design a form experience that accounted for everything from the store closest to the customer, interests, their name, and phone number. This led to an 11% lift in form completions.

They also experimented with different cookie consent pop-ups, modifying things like button size, position, and language. With their first A/B test, they saw a 19% lift in marketing opt-ins of the variant compared to the control. Next, using an A/B/C/D test to further optimize, they achieved an additional 11% lift. That’s personalization, measured.

Closing the Loop

The kitchen manufacturer knew consumers loved Pinterest for its inspirational kitchen content and it drove the second most amount of traffic for social channels. The problem was they had no idea how to optimize Pinterest and weren’t seeing a single conversion. Fingerspitz was given two mandates: increase top of the funnel traffic from Pinterest and drive conversions to show a positive ROI.

Fingerspitz analyzed the keyword data using Natural Language Processing. The team discovered Pinterest loved descriptive adjectives, which is contrary to keyword best practices on other channels. Fingerspitz immediately implemented this into their Pinterest CPC campaigns. The results were incredible, including a 47% increase in impressions and a 50% increase in engagement.

To understand the impact of their Pinterest efforts, Fingerspitz needed to connect online data with the offline point of sale data. By connecting the client’s tech stack and creating a single view of their customer through BlueConic, Fingerspitz was able to directly attribute showroom appointment bookings and kitchen orders with their Pinterest efforts.


By revealing the power of value exchange with customers in their kitchen book experiment, Fingerspitz’s A/B test unlocked over half a million Euros in additional sales per month.

Having collected email addresses, the kitchen manufacturer also deepened customer relationships and can continue fostering that relationship across channels.

For the Pinterest project, in just seven months, the kitchen manufacturer saw 91 appointments and 39 kitchen orders totaling around a quarter million Euros in additional revenue directly attributed to Pinterest SEO.

With BlueConic, which can flex to each unique client scenario, Fingerspitz can take a customized approach for each client. Fingerspitz is free to innovate while moving quickly to maximize time to value.

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