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Techonomy Transforms its Clients’ Businesses

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Initiative DTC Diversification

Unified customer data

into robust profiles

Drove deeper engagement

and new business models

About Techonomy

Techonomy is a digital marketing and technology agency that specializes in serving sports and recreation organizations, both large and small. Their services include martech evaluation and selection, data management & profiling, personalized marketing, content & experiences, and strategy consultation. While each client’s specific needs may vary, the goal is always the same: help organizations get closer to their customers, members, and/or fans through the creative use of data and technology.

As a Solution Service Partner, Techonomy leverages BlueConic to serve the digital marketing needs of its ever-growing client base.


Like many sports and recreation organizations, Techonomy’s clients face challenges when it comes to driving revenue from their fan or member base because they struggle to recognize individuals across marketing channels and expand their reach to engage new audiences. To help its clients look to the future, Techonomy recognized it was missing the answer to a fundamental question: how can we better understand fans, audiences, and customers and develop solutions and experiences that deliver what they want? To answer this question, Techonomy needed to provide its clients with digital transformation strategies and enabling technology to execute them – all while keeping individual privacy in mind.

The reason we work with BlueConic is because we’re in a new marketing world, and if you want to make an impact, you have to know your audiences better than ever before."

Damian Francois, Business Director, Techonomy


Unifying and Enriching Profile Data

Understanding your audience starts with creating a single view of the customer. Techonomy advises its clients to first ask two questions, “How can we get utility out of the customer data we already have?” and “What are some new ways of capturing privacy-compliant data?” This starts with auditing the client’s martech stack, and then reconfiguring it with BlueConic at the center to connect their customer data sources such as membership status, fan interests, behavioral data, and consent preferences. Once the data is unified into customer profiles, Techonomy helps their clients activate the data in an operationally more efficient and effective way.

Building New Revenue Streams

While initiatives that show significant lift in marketing metrics at the campaign level are important, Techonomy’s objectives go beyond martech strategy: they aim to truly transform their client’s total business strategy to deliver outsized results. Now more than ever, consumers expect and react more favorably to marketing that is relevant to them. BlueConic is a key platform in Techonomy’s arsenal to launch audience monetization and direct-to-consumer (DTC) diversification programs for their clients.

Techonomy chooses BlueConic because the use case-driven architecture means they can flex to meet their clients where they are and operate within their systems, rather than force-fitting a one-size-fits-all solution, even as needs change.

In the next examples, we’ll see how Techonomy helps a professional soccer team, a recreation organization, and a sports organization get more access and utility out of their data to create cohesive experiences.

Professional Soccer Team Personalizes at Scale

With a soccer team client, Techonomy knew that understanding fan preferences and behavior was critical. With BlueConic in place, they were able to collect more first-party behavior and interest data from the team website through listeners, and serve real-time personalized experiences with content recommendations and dialogues. When additional data from ticketing was connected, the result was a single customer record that even included a fan’s favorite player.

Recognizing that their robust and accurate data set of fans is an asset, Techonomy helped the soccer team monetize their audience. This led the team to form a partnership with a leading energy company. The result was a new marketing strategy that allowed the energy company to engage with diehard fans in a genuine, highly personalized way, increasing revenue for the team in the process.

Recreation Organization Monetizes Audience

Previously, a recreation organization client used a CRM to store most of their customer data. They then had to export and import records into their ESP for segmentation and email campaigns.

Their marketing stack included over a dozen siloed systems that followed a rigid workflow. Because BlueConic segments update dynamically and they are connected to the rest of the client’s martech ecosystem, they no longer waste time manually exporting and importing CRM records to build static segments. By reconfiguring their client’s tech stack with BlueConic as the hub, Techonomy eliminated the silos and rigid workflows, creating a true single customer view.

When you are using a CDP, you can collect and use the information to be relevant to your audience. You can then use that to create new and creative business models to drive revenue."

Damian Francois, Business Director, Techonomy

Because the activity they promote, hiking, is free to all, they tasked Techonomy with finding a way to create a new revenue stream that provides value to their most loyal enthusiasts. Working with Techonomy and powered by BlueConic, they built a new intelligent content platform full of online experiences for hikers including tips and tricks for certain trails, earning badges for specific activities, etc. As hikers interacted with the platform, they generated a wealth of data about their age, activity levels, locations, etc., ultimately allowing them to build robust profiles that they could monetize by sharing with sponsors. This led to a partnership with a leading health insurance company to use the aggregated profile data to create relevant content for their own sites to ensure that they were staying relevant to their target markets.

Sports Organization Sells Directly to Consumers

One of Techonomy’s sports organization clients knew that they needed to reach non-members to grow their business. Together, they came up with the idea of hosting in-person tournaments. However, because these tournaments were designed to reach new audiences, most of the players were not existing members in their database, and they often browsed their website anonymously. This presented a challenge in not only understanding who these players were, but also personalizing their experiences to convert them into members. For this challenge, Techonomy leveraged a combination of BlueConic’s profile and personalization capabilities. Event information was hosted on the organization’s website, then relevant messages and content recommendations were added. From this, they were able to generate player data to enrich their BlueConic profiles. The client could then increase memberships and create value exchanges with non-members, generating a flywheel for continuous growth.

Instead of simply growing their membership, they developed an online content platform with engaging digital experiences, and used the new data to create a successful e-commerce strategy. With the addition of an online store, they are poised for continued and sustainable growth into the future.


Each of these three Techonomy clients successfully unified customer data into robust profiles, generated more data to enrich those profiles, and leveraged that asset to drive deeper engagement and new business models, ultimately transforming their businesses. Not only did Techonomy hit or exceed every marketing metric set in each case, but they were also the catalyst for digital transformation that touched every area of the business from operational efficiency to the top line.

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