Customer engagement data is key for modern media and publishing brands to better understand their various audiences and what components of their marketing channels and content resonates with existing and prospective subscribers and buyers.

Just ask America’s Test Kitchen Director of Marketing, CRM & Audience Strategy Sarah Desmarais.

Desmarais noted during our MarTech East 2019 session how she uses insights from BlueConic to understand her audiences and their content preferences. She can then create segments and personalize content to boost customer engagement — all within the same platform:

  • “Once you have that [audience] data available to you and you’re able to show you can make business decisions off of it … it is that much easier to have a compelling reason to continue on with that [data-driven approach].”

Watch our panel discussion with Desmarais from MarTech East to discover how ATK continually meets their customer engagement goals — from newsletter sign-ups to event registrations — with help from our leading customer data platform.

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