Why Second-Party Data is Becoming a Mainstay in the Privacy-First Era

Companies are facing a number of data challenges, from data deprecation to increasing privacy constraints from customers and regulators. At the same time, customers expect to receive timely, personalized content and consistent experiences across channels. Combined, these factors are accelerating the shift away from third-party data to privacy compliant first-party data.

But what comes next?

Download our ebook to learn why second-party data sharing is becoming an increasingly important tool in your toolkit for privacy-first era. You’ll discover:

  • How data privacy laws are evolving in the U.S. and abroad

  • What second-party data is and why it’s so valuable

  • Where second-party data fits in a company’s data strategy

  • What companies can do with a data clean room

  • How to get started with second-party data sharing

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