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Mastering Privacy in the Era of Invisible Experiences and Seamless CX

2024 is all about invisible experiences. If companies anticipate and respond to customer needs, they can proactively deliver seamless and unobtrusive interactions. Just 28% of digital experience executives interviewed by Forrester believe they can anticipate the needs of their customers. And only half of those (14%) believe they are already successfully lowering unnecessary engagement with their customers. In this webinar, guest speaker Stephanie Liu, Senior Analyst at Forrester, will explain why privacy matters for Invisible experiences and how it serves as the cornerstone of trust, respect, and ethical engagement with customers. From compliance with regulations to mitigating risks and preserving customer relationships, Stephanie will be joined by Sam Ngo, Director of Product Marketing at BlueConic, to uncover the multifaceted reasons why prioritizing privacy is essential.

You'll learn:

  • How prioritizing privacy fosters trust and respect from customers, ensuring that Invisible experiences are welcomed rather than perceived as intrusive.

  • About the legal requirements and moral imperatives of complying with privacy regulations in the context of invisible experiences.

  • The risks associated with inadequate privacy measures in invisible experiences and how prioritizing privacy helps safeguard both customers and organizations.

  • How privacy preservation strengthens relationships with customers, fostering long-term loyalty and advocacy in an era of heightened data awareness.

Don't miss this opportunity to gain insights into why privacy matters in invisible experiences and how you can safeguard trust while delivering personalized and ethical engagements.

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