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Super-charge eCommerce Use Cases with Shopify + CDP

Take your tried-and-true eCommerce use cases to the next level with the BlueConic Shopify Connection

In the fast-paced world of eCommerce, growth is not just a goal, but a necessity. For growing brands, the seamless integration of a Customer Data Platform (CDP) with an eCommerce platform like Shopify is more than a tech trend — it's the backbone of a sustainable, high-growth marketing strategy. ­

By marrying the deep data prowess of BlueConic with the operational de­xterity of Shopify, brands can not only convert casual browsers into committed buyers, but also elevate customer satisfaction with hyper-personalized, timely interactions. This isn't just about understanding your customers — it's about predicting their needs and outpacing their expectations, which is made possible by uniting customer data from key sources — such as, Shopify — from across your techstack into a single, actionable profile in your CDP.

But how exactly does the CDP + eCommerce platform combination translate into real-world results? Let's dive into three tactics brands can employ with the BlueConic Shopify Connection.

Tactic #1: Drive Robust Personalization Across Channels

Connecting Shopify to BlueConic means you’re not limited to data from within your Shopify ecosystem to engage (or reengage) shoppers. You can use predictive scoring capabilities through AI Workbench, past browsing behavior, past purchases, alongside details about customers like their favorite shirt color, to tailor the best experience and target them across channels. What’s more? With Lifecycles, you can automate and coordinate those experiences. More relevant customer interactions that are grounded in rich data leads to more frequent conversions.

Tactic #2: Increase Loyalty through Enhanced Repeat-Purchase Experiences

Loyalty isn't won over a single transaction. Rather, loyalty is the product of consistent, smart, and time-sensitive customer engagement. For instance, exporting Shopify data to BlueConic can help prevent a customer who is waiting for a refund from getting hit with promotional materials for an upsell — e.g., an ad for shaving cream for use with recently returned razor heads. This type of intelligent engagement is made possible by combining data points from across multiple platforms, including offline POS systems. When a CDP powers your customer engagement strategy, your brand never misses a beat — whether a complaint is lodged over the phone or a return is processed in the store, your systems are in lockstep so you can deliver the most appropriate response.

Tactic #3: Decrease Spend and Increase Conversions

Whether it's showcasing products on social platforms that complement a site visitors’ expressed interests or suppressing discounts from shoppers who frequently return, using customer data connected to your entire ecosystem can save you costs in the long run. With the Shopify Connection in BlueConic, you can activate granular retargeting strategies across countless segments of your brand’s audience, allowing you to reduce advertising costs, improve return on ad spend, and ultimately, grow revenue.

Pairing BlueConic and Shopify makes it easier for your brand to scale by ensuring that data from across departments and platforms is accessible and actionable across all of your customer engagement channels. See how BlueConic can help you scale your business.

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