Videos June 17, 2021 |

How a CDP Enables Operational Agility

Over the last decade, marketing and CX teams have curated their tech stacks to deliver more personalized and relevant customer experiences. But the process for managing and utilizing the data needed to power these experiences falls short due to increasingly complex customer journeys.

Dependency on legacy tools in tech stacks that remain siloed, channel-specific, and incomplete in their view of the customer won’t cut it.

Originally aired during DX Summit 2021, in this video you will learn how companies are combatting these operational efficiencies by adding a CDP to their tech stacks. In this keynote presentation, you’ll hear real-world examples of how these companies increased self-reliance among business users, reduced costs, removed barriers to experimentation and creativity, and ultimately, accelerated growth.

Watch the video and see how you can work smarter, not harder with BlueConic.