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Revealed: Top 5 RFP Trends in CDP Evaluation

When it comes to evaluating CDPs, you likely have hundreds of questions ranging from who should be involved in the project, what data integration methods to use, and how quickly can you activate on customer data.

BlueConic CDP experts, Alex Sarson and William Quinones, have combed through scores of RFPs to unpack what’s top of mind for your peers who’ve already gone through this process. In this webinar, they reveal and explore the major trends from various industries, geographies, and companies of all sizes.

Watch the panel discussion to learn about:

  • Integration imperatives that make or break a CDP implementation

  • CDP use case prioritization based on your current customer data maturity

  • Considerations for building first-party data assets in light of privacy & compliance

  • How to build deep relationships with customers in 2023 and beyond

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