Collect data on the individual; Assemble into a single profile; Discover new segments and Deliver these to the systems required.

Improve Look-alike Targeting - BlueConic

Improve look-alike targeting

Share rich first party data for known and anonymous users with third party advertising partners for smarter look-alike modeling and improve targeting.

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Decrease Bounce Rates

Decrease bounce rates

Use segment discovery to bridge the gap between advertising data and first party data, so you can echo relevant campaign messages on-site and respond to exit intent in real time.

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Increase time spent - BlueConic

Increase time spent

Improve web engagement by discerning an individual user’s intent from form data and web behavior to personalize their experiences in real time.

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Tailor experiences using CRM data

Tailor experiences using CRM data

Use CRM records to recognize individuals on your digital properties and synchronize the customer journey online and offline based on all available first party data.

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Reduce wasted retargeting spend - BlueConic

Reduce wasted retargeting spend

Make better use of your advertising dollars by using digital insights and behavior to retarget the right user and improve upsell and conversion rates.

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Enrich your CRM database with digital insights

Enrich your CRM with digital insights

Feed real-time digital activity and characteristics to your CRM to enhance offline interactions, improve cross-sell and up-sell campaigns, personalize sales outreach, and tailor call center conversations.

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Learn how BlueConic can help you build an audience, engage your users, and improve retention by connecting your existing marketing tools.
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