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Customer analytics teams are increasingly expected to be the change agents that unlock customer centricity across the organization, but they are often limited in time and resources. BlueConic transforms the way your analytics & data science teams enable your marketing, customer experience, digital product, and monetization teams to drive business outcomes.

Unify cross-channel data

Collect first-party data from all online and offline channels, systems, and sources into a unified customer database. Data is automatically cleaned and normalized.

Enable real-time customer scores

Use cross-channel customer data to calculate customer scores, like CLV, that update in real-time to customer profiles. Growth teams can orchestrate customer experiences without additional technical resources.

Eliminate tedious tasks

Improve your operational efficiency and time to market by segmenting and analyzing data without the need for help from costly external agencies or your own team’s resources.

Discover and share insights

Export profile data from your first-party data asset to conduct further analysis in your own external systems or in AI Workbench. Schedule model refreshes or reports to update automatically.

  • "The reports that we wanted that we have today would have taken about a day to put together. Because of BlueConic, it takes us about an hour."
    Lindsey Griffith | Manager of Data Technology, Endeavor Business Media
  • 250%

    The increase in identifiable customers HEINEKEN USA can build direct relationships with.

    “For the first time ever, we can use HEINEKEN’s own segments instead of relying on third-party data. With that data in hand, we can design robust, personal journeys for various audiences.”
    Director, Consumer Data Strategy | HEINEKEN USA
  • “From a CDP vendor selection perspective, it was a combination of things . . . how modern the technology stack is, advanced analytics capabilities, ease of use, as well as company culture. These, at a high level, are things that we took into consideration when selecting a CDP vendor, and specifically the reason why we went with BlueConic.”
    Reem Seghairoun | VP, Global Digital Consumer 360, VF Corporation
  • “BlueConic gave a boost to our conversion rates and more in-depth insights into the characteristics and preferences of our target audiences!”
    Natasja Fortuin | Data Strategy Lead, NBTC Holland

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