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To increase business agility across the organization, companies are prioritizing analytics and data science democratization initiatives that drive faster and more actionable customer insights. BlueConic transforms the way your growth-focused teams operate by empowering them with unified, actionable, and privacy-compliant first-party data to drive desired business outcomes.

Unify cross-channel data

Collect first-party data from all online and offline channels to form a single customer view that’s accessible to marketing, CX, and other growth teams across the enterprise. Data is automatically normalized and cleaned.

Enable real-time customer scoring

Use out-of-the-box and custom machine learning models with scheduled refreshes and parameters to keep scores current. Technical teams tweak models while growth teams use updated scores to inform CX.

Faster insight to action

Become less dependent on IT and analytics to pull segments or run machine learning models for customer scores. Transparent models allow you and your technical teams to work together to test new experiences and messaging on the fly.

Data-driven customer experiences

Non-technical teams can build segments using real-time transactional, behavioral, and predictive customer data in under two minutes. Gather insights to optimize customer experiences across the lifecycle and deliver timely, relevant messages at scale.

  • "BlueConic makes the data more available for other teams. We think this will also be more efficient for our analysts to start working in BlueConic instead of our data lake."
    Frida Thornberg | Digital Marketing Development Manager, Telia Company
  • “We are starting to develop a deeper understanding of our users’ behaviours and journeys – in real time. There is an extra layer of interest and intent that we can derive from multi-channel touchpoints and these softer inputs have become more important for our marketing.”
    Kristina Kalpokaite | Head of Acquisition, Vanarama
  • 250%

    The increase in identifiable customers HEINEKEN USA can build direct relationships with.

    “For the first time ever, we can use HEINEKEN’s own segments instead of relying on third-party data. With that data in hand, we can design robust, personal journeys for various audiences.”
    Director, Consumer Data Strategy | HEINEKEN USA
  • “From a CDP vendor selection perspective, it was a combination of things . . . how modern the technology stack is, advanced analytics capabilities, ease of use, as well as company culture. These, at a high level, are things that we took into consideration when selecting a CDP vendor, and specifically the reason why we went with BlueConic.”
    Reem Seghairoun | VP, Global Digital Consumer 360, VF Corporation

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