RAEN achieves massive year-over-year growth in order value on Black Friday

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RAEN achieves massive year-over-year growth in order value on Black Friday

The holiday season is fully upon us, these days marked as much by Thanksgiving as the day after: the notorious Black Friday. This year, more than $3b was spent online on Black Friday (and almost $2b on Thanksgiving day which is apocryphal to me, btw) and one of our favorite customers, RAEN Optics, was in the thick of it!

We talk a lot about the “customer data” part of the BlueConic customer data platform (for obvious reasons) but we don’t spend as much time on some of the other major value-driving capabilities, and RAEN is a good example of the flexibility of our platform and pricing model. BlueConic extends CMS capabilities significantly and there is no balancing act to figure out based on server calls to trigger the interactions.checkout-continue_product

Let me explain.

Rather than give a straight discount of X% off this year like they did in 2015, RAEN wanted to giveaway older inventory with every purchase instead. In the words of Steven Johnson, RAEN’s digital marketing manager:

BlueConic streamlined the checkout process for our Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotion allowing us to hit our goal. We wanted to offer a free sale frame with the purchase of a regular priced frame but our platform created customer experience problems completing these orders. Using BlueConic, we were able to dynamically display messages to our customers guiding them through the gift selection and checkout process. Our customer service team didn’t receive a single email or call from customers confused about how to get the promotion. This had been a problem for us in the past before we began using BlueConic.

The result?

Beating out last year’s sales (without any discounted pricing) and a 33% higher order value because of the promotion structure.


BlueConic’s delivery capabilities help marketers overcome technical challenges to run high priority and time-sensitive interactions – not just personalize those interactions based on the data in the visitor’s profile. And with reporting like the funnel visualization insight (shown), marketers can also optimize the experience to facilitate order completion and reduce cart abandonment.

Thanks for sharing your story Steven!

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