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Achieving customer centricity is vital to staying competitive, but few companies can execute on it at scale. BlueConic transforms the way your customer experience, digital product, and commerce teams operate by empowering them with unified, actionable, and privacy-compliant first-party data to increase their agility and drive business outcomes.

Orchestrate cross-channel journeys

Break free from campaign-centric interactions. Deliver timely and relevant messaging to individuals based on real-time transactional, behavioral, and predictive customer data at scale.

Deliver privacy-led experiences

Embed privacy into the customer experience. Create trust with customers by using front- and back-end privacy features to centrally manage consent to inform what customer data is used to deliver experiences.

Create long-term loyalty

Recognize customers across channels from the time they are anonymous to the time they become known. Use historical data to truly understand the customer’s journey, interests, and preferences over their lifetime.

Use real-time customer scores

Calculate customer scores by using out-of-the-box or custom machine learning models. Create lookalike audiences, discover new segments, experiment with tailored messages for audiences – all without relying on technical resources.

  • “BlueConic has delivered a highly integrated and visual depiction of what my customers look like. It allows me to segment my users and get the right content in front of them at the right times. Since using BlueConic, those that have been exposed to software are bouncing 50% less and converting an additional two points.”
    Keith Lehman | eCommerce & Digital Marketing, Kansas City Steak Company
  • “Before BlueConic, weren't not able to take information from one channel and use it to inform the messaging we push out in another.”
    Saugar Sainju | VP, Growth Marketing, goba Sports Group
  • “By leveraging BlueConic's actionable insights across brands, we can take personalization to the next level and provide a user experience that drastically outpaces the competition. The result is a more engaged audience, more subscribers, and increased advertising revenues.”
    Peter Doucette | Chief Consumer Revenue Officer, The Boston Globe
  • “I love, love, love BlueConic! So many things we plan for that our developers don’t have to custom program (i.e., summer collection, deals on the homepage, etc.) This is the power behind BlueConic. I am forever an advocate.”
    Andrew Green | SEO Strategist, American Kennel Club

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