Customer Data Collection. It’s What We Do

Automate customer data collection and consolidation across all the different channels and technologies in your marketing ecosystem.

Data You Want, in the Format You Need

The way you collect customer data impacts what you can do with it. That’s why BlueConic collects and stores data at the individual level, creating new possibilities for segmentation and activation.

Start Collecting Right Away

BlueConic offers a robust gallery of data collectors built right into the platform. They make it easy for you to capture various types of customer data from your website and mobile app – whether it’s behavioral, interest-based, or from a form.

Run Certified Connections

BlueConic has more than 80 certified connections with other marketing and advertising technologies, making it easy for you to collect data across your tech stack with just a few clicks. We have over 3,000 live connections and counting.

Collect Data from Anywhere

In addition to certified connections, BlueConic offers many versatile options for data collection through our SFTP, webhook, and data layer connections. You can also collect data using our JavaScript pixel, API, or by simply uploading a CSV file using our import connection.

Synchronize Your Customer Data

Import and export data to the other marketing technologies you rely on.

Customer Data Collection

Import data into customer profiles using our certified connections to all your data sources.

See All Connections

See what BlueConic can do for you.

Whether you’re looking for operational efficiencies or improved marketing effectiveness through data activation, our customer data platform can help.