Multi-Dimensional Segmentation

Use real-time data to build complex segments

Combine any customer attributes to build your own cross-channel segments or expand on the segments already available in the platform.

Segment discovery insight screenshot

Increased agility and flexibility

Goodbye manual lists and multiple team hands-offs. Business users from growth-focused teams can build multi-dimensional segments in less than two minutes and activate them instantly across channels.

User Friendly Interface


Create segments within the UI without the need for help from IT or SQL knowledge. Build new segments from any single or combination of customer profile properties or expand on the out-of-the-box segments available in the platform.

Dynamic Segmentation


Segments automatically update in real time based on changes in customers’ profile attributes. Watch as customers fall in and out of segments due to changes in their behavior, preferences, interests, scores, and other attributes.

Segment Insights


Discover new, high-value audiences, identify audience overlap, compare segments, and drill down into customer interests and preferences. Our insights gallery provides visualizations for these insights and more.

Real-Time Activation


Segments are centrally managed in BlueConic and updated in real time by way of connections to other systems in your martech stack. Send specific segments to different systems or to different campaigns or programs within a system.

  • “For the first time ever, we can use HEINEKEN’s owned segments instead of relying on third-party data. With that data in hand, we can design robust, personal journeys for our various audiences.”
    Director, Consumer Data Strategy | Heineken USA
  • "Being able to segment users based on their interests, engagement, and active subscriptions, among other things has allowed me to send more relevant and revenue generating messaging to these users at the right place and at the right time."
    Wes Anderson | Head Media Buyer x Customer Acquisition, Angel Publishing
  • "Setting up a segment is very, very quick and you can do a lot more testing... Marketers can create a segment and send it out to our marketing automation software in an hour."
    Frida Thornberg | Digital Marketing Development Manager, Telia Company
  • “I absolutely love the fact that I am able to hop into BlueConic to personalize our site and creating customer segments without jumping through hoops or contacting IT. The availability [of data] and possibilities with BlueConic are very fluid.”
    Matthew Welz | Head Media Buyer, Customer Acquisition, ISSA Inc.
  • “Adding a CDP to our martech stack has been truly transformative in how we think about our digital strategy.”
    Saugar Sainju | VP, Growth Marketing, goba Sports Group
  • “For Franklin, BlueConic is the nucleus of everything we do from a marketing standpoint.”
    Aaron Seitz | Digital Marketing Manager, Franklin Sports

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