Unified Customer Profiles

Build a single customer view for business teams

Access to unified data enables you to transform the way you build segments, conduct modeling and analytics, and orchestrate customer experiences.

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Higher data quality

Better customer data quality leads to improved business outcomes. With built-in machine learning to maintain data hygiene, as well as other data cleansing and normalization features, you can be confident your customer profile data is accurate and complete.

Unlimited Sources


Import data from your website, mobile app, POS, or any other sources within your tech stack to unify different types of data such as behavioral, transactional, demographic, interest, consent, and predictive scores.

Pluggable Connections


Choose from our pre-built connections to import data from all the necessary channels and systems in your unique tech stack. As the makeup of your stack evolves, connections to new sources can be added without relying on IT.

Identity Resolution


Merge profiles to truly understand your customer. Use any unique identifiers, or a combination of them, alongside deterministic rules or probabilistic models to gain a single customer view.

Flexible Relationships


Group profiles by account or household to get a holistic view of related customers. Use aggregated data manager to manage customer profiles across your brands.

Mitigated consumer data risk

We lead with a privacy-by-design philosophy. BlueConic provides the tools you need to manage consent and data privacy without introducing manual, complex processes that inherently introduce risk.

Screenshot of BlueConic Profile Objectives Settings Screenshot of BlueConic Profile Objectives Settings Screenshot of BlueConic Profile Objectives Settings Screenshot of BlueConic Profile Objectives Settings

Profile Privacy Management

Screenshot of BlueConic Profile Objectives Settings

Built with data protection, security, and compliance in mind, privacy settings help manage sensitive data at the individual profile level and across the platform.

Data Governance

Screenshot of BlueConic Profile Objectives Settings

Rely on profile access rules to ensure only teams with the right role and access level can manage data – while allowing other teams to use data for activation.

Data Clean Rooms

Screenshot of BlueConic Profile Objectives Settings

Facilitate second-party data sharing in a neutral, secure, and privacy-safe environment. Privacy techniques such as pseudonymization, differential privacy, and noise injection ensure that PII is never shared.

  • “For the first time ever, we can use HEINEKEN’s owned segments instead of relying on third-party data. With that data in hand, we can design robust, personal journeys for our various audiences.”
    Director, Consumer Data Strategy | Heineken USA
  • "We’ve started to develop a deeper understanding of our users’ behaviors and journeys – in real time."
    Kristina Kalpokaite | Head of Acquisition, Vanarama
  • "We had a portion of website traffic that was ‘unknown’ first-party data and knew there was an opportunity to make use of it by leveraging the rich behavioral data we were collecting in BlueConic."
    Lindsey Griffith | Manager of Data Technology, Endeavor Business Media
  • "BlueConic’s CDP easily integrates with many other applications out of the box. It’s powerful in building customer profiles on a global scale. "
    Rob Velders | Business Product Owner, Marketing Automation & CDP, Signify
  • "BlueConic enables the consolidation of customer data from various sources into a single platform, offering a holistic view of customer behavior and preferences."
    Director, Data and Analytics | Media & Publishing

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