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Signify Delivers Customer-Centricity at Scale

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Industry Retail
Initiative Customer Lifecycle Marketing

255 profile attributes

per profile that reflect product interest, brand interest, buying persona and more

50+ countries

have access to insights about customer behavior and interest that can be used to drive more customer-centric targeting

11% uplift in conversion rates

compared to a control group not seeing personalized product recommendations

About Signify

Signify, formerly Philips Lighting, is the world leader in lighting for professionals, consumers, and lighting for the Internet of Things. By turning light sources into data collection points, Signify connects devices, places, and people through light, contributing to a safer, more productive, and smarter world. With 2021 sales of EUR 6.9 billion, approximately 37,000 employees and a presence in over 70 countries, Signify unlocks the extraordinary potential of light for brighter lives and a better world.


Serving B2B and B2C customers, Signify navigates complex customer data. Operating on a global scale with multiple products sold in multiple countries, their customer data is fragmented and stored in disconnected technologies used by various parts of the organization. Without a comprehensive single customer view, Signify couldn’t design and orchestrate the right customer-centric experiences at scale.

To move from their current tactics of ‘one-to-many’ towards ‘one-to-one’ customer interactions, they needed a single customer view that could be used by their growth-focused teams.


Creating Segments Based on Diverse Profile Attributes

Signify used BlueConic to start collecting data from online systems and sources to build rich profiles based on first-party data – all while meeting the stricter requirements of the new consumer privacy landscape.

Using BlueConic Connections, Signify brings in data from across their tech stack such as Eloqua, while Listeners help them gather behavioral data onsite. BlueConic unifies this data into profiles containing over 255 profile attributes per profile that reflect product interest, brand interest, buying persona and more. Then, Signify centrally manages segment creation based on the diverse profile data. With Connections, these segments can then be activated in other marketing channels. Today, more than 50 countries have access to insights about customer behavior and interest that can be used to drive more customer-centric targeting across channels like web, email, and social media channels.

BlueConic easily integrates with many other applications out of the box. It’s powerful in building customer profiles on a global scale. In addition, the technology is really stable and delivers 24/7."

Rob Velders, Business Product Owner, Marketing Automation & CDP
Personalizing Cross-Channel Experiences

Signify also efficiently shows personalized product recommendations in real time at three levels of their online product catalog – the catalog landing page, product type page, and product category page. Implemented in 16 countries, they rely on BlueConic’s unified profiles alongside dialogues and the recommendations engine to reduce the time from insight to action. As a result, they’ve seen a significant uplift in conversion rates of 11% compared to the control group not seeing personalized product recommendations.

Not only has Signify personalized the onsite experience, they’re also delivering highly engaging email marketing programs using BlueConic’s insights and segments through a connection to Eloqua. Behavioral insights from BlueConic enrich Eloqua’s target audiences and result in better and more personalized messaging. Automated campaign flows are developed for specific target audiences and account for onsite behaviors. For example, the Spanish market now sends out differentiated emails towards buying persona segments derived from BlueConic (based on web behavior), resulting in higher email open/click rates.

Enriching Existing Account Master Data

BlueConic profiles are based on individual-level data, however, profiles can be matched at a group level for accounts or households. To fully support their B2B business, Signify can use BlueConic to drive both personalized experiences at the individual level and match profiles against Signify’s existing account master data to see the holistic view of an account. Grouping profiles by “Account” allows Signify to show personalized interactions and content to power an Account Based Marketing approach. Signify consistently maps contact-to-account across their marketing automation landscape and can identify and aggregate new promising prospects on a company level.

BlueConic's Partners Can Help

Ready for a customer data platform but don’t have the resources? Work with our network of implementation partners who have the right skills and expertise. GX business consultants, technical consultants and data scientists created and reinforced Signify’s data skills and know-how through practical support and training. GX Software is a preferred platinum BlueConic partner.

My experience with GX and its consultants is great! Professionals and very experienced in working and advising with BlueConic. When I am thinking of GX the word flexible crosses my mind, whenever you need support, they can deliver."

Rob Velders, Business Product Owner, Marketing Automation & CDP

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