Reports & Guides July 07, 2021 |

Identity Terms, Defined

The companies that own the relationship with their customers are the ones that ‘win’ today. Owning the relationship means having the ability to not only recognize customers at every point in their journey, but also orchestrate individualized experiences that benefit both the customer and the business at every stage of the customer lifecycle.

Before companies can deliver this mutually beneficial customer experience, they need the ability to proactively resolve customer identities across multiple devices, channels, systems, and platforms into a comprehensive and dynamic single customer view.

But what does “identity” really mean today?

Download this guide to discover:

  • The differences among common terms that relate to the overall concept of identity

  • Where each identity mechanism falls in terms of the confidence and utility they offer to business users

  • How you can evaluate and improve your company’s customer identity confidence and utility levels

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