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Business technology & IT teams are expected to accelerate digital transformation across the organization while mitigating data risk. BlueConic transforms the way your business technology & IT teams enable your marketing, customer experience, digital product, and monetization teams to drive business outcomes.

Unify cross-channel data

Collect first-party data from all online and offline channels, systems, and sources into a unified customer database. Data is automatically cleaned and normalized.

Manage and federate consent

Adhere to consumers’ consent preferences to comply with laws that impact data collection and marketing outreach. Ensure all teams operate off the latest consent by federating consent across your entire stack.

Eliminate tedious tasks

Improve your operational efficiency and time to market by segmenting and analyzing data without the need for help from costly external agencies or your own team’s resources.

Empower growth teams

Create opportunities for non-technical teams to pull segments or run machine learning models for customer scores—all while remaining in control of customer data security.

  • “BlueConic was the technology we needed to enable an entirely new way of working that eliminated previous data bottlenecks and supported cross-functional collaboration.”
    Lena Lindgren | Head of Customer Value Management & Analytics B2C, Telia Company
  • "BlueConic’s CDP easily integrates with many other applications out of the box. It’s powerful in building customer profiles on a global scale. "
    Rob Velders | Business Product Owner, Marketing Automation & CDP, Signify
  • "Having this flexibility and pluggable architecture with BlueConic enabled us to continually add uses cases as our business priorities and needs changed."
    Frank Beunk | Digital Personalization / Data Activation Expert, VodafoneZiggo

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