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Drive growth while navigating third-party data deprecation

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Third-party data deprecation means companies can no longer settle for legacy tools and customer ‘identity’ proxies to drive marketing and customer experience decisioning. BlueConic transforms the way your growth-focused teams operate by empowering them with unified, actionable, and privacy-compliant first-party data to drive business outcomes.

End-to-end consent management

Embed privacy into the customer experience. Create trust with customers by using front and back-end privacy features to centrally manage consent to inform what customer data is used to deliver experiences.

Identity resolution

Use deterministic and probabilistic matching to merge profiles of known individuals for complete, single view of the customer.

Data clean rooms

Develop second-party data sharing relationships to gain closed-loop attribution and new insights into your audiences. Use Data Clean Rooms to gain invaluable audience insights in a privacy-safe environment.

First-party data collection

Provide onsite experiences that enhance first-party data collection. Ensure data collection builds mutual value for you and your customer.

  • 250%

    The increase in identifiable customers HEINEKEN USA can build direct relationships with.

    “For the first time, we can use HEINEKEN's owned segments instead of relying on third-party data and design robust, personal journeys for our various audiences.”
    Director, Consumer Data Strategy | HEINEKEN USA

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