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E - P - E at BlueConic

At BlueConic, every day we work with three key values: empathy, partnership, and expertise. It’s what we refer to as E - P - E. Whether it’s with our customers or colleagues, we lead every conversation and interaction with these values in mind.

We strongly believe that these three qualities contribute to effective communication and successful relationships and, ultimately, customer value and a world-class customer experience. It’s a differentiator for BlueConic, and it’s become a core part of our company culture. Plus, it just makes good old-fashioned sense when working with another person, a fellow human being.

While most everyone understands the basic definitions behind these terms, they have a special meaning to us and how we interact with our customers.


Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of others. Leading with empathy in every interaction helps us build trust, connection, and mutual understanding with our customers.

Before an important customer call, for example, our team will often take a deep breath, exhale, and remind one another to lead with empathy. Marketers and IT professionals - our primary stakeholders - are pulled in many different directions during the course of a day. Interacting with BlueConic team members and using our CDP is vital for these professionals, but it’s not the only thing they’re focused on. So, we keep this in mind when helping them learn the platform, think about new use cases, or work through a technical issue.


Partnership is working together in a collaborative and cooperative way to achieve a common goal. Our approach to partnership helps to create mutual benefits and build strong, long-lasting relationships.

For example, our CSMs will continue to work with a customer well after our onboarding is complete. We want to ensure we understand our customers’ business priorities so we can help them best use the platform and ensure they’re set up for success. We also believe it makes sense for some of our customers to bring an agency or consulting organization to help them maximize the value from their investment in BlueConic. We’re big believers in this approach and work closely with many different types of partner companies to support our customers.


Expertise, we all know, is having knowledge and skills in a particular area. Our Customer Success Managers (CSMs), Solutions Architects, Program Managers, and Support Engineers bring deep vertical expertise across Retail, Telecom, Financial Services, Media and Publishing, B2B, and more to provide best practices, identify high-value use cases, and work through new ways to configure and manage their first-party customer data in the BlueConic platform.

On any given day, a CSM may be presenting to a group of senior marketers on how they should strategically think about using the BlueConic CDP, a Solutions Architect may be leading a customer through technical architecture discussion, a Program Manager might be leading a customer through a timeline, and Support Engineer is deep in a complex technical data discussion with a customer.

Expertise isn’t just limited to our customer-facing organization either. We believe it is vital to bring deep cross-functional expertise to establish credibility and trust with our customers and help them yield significant results and value from our platform. On the product side, our User Experience Designers, Product Managers, Engineers, and Data Scientists work together as highly collaborative teams to deliver a powerful product in a business-user friendly interface. Meanwhile, our Marketing team works closely with Customer Success to run user groups and webinars, produce thought leadership, identify new use cases, and create content to guide customers.

E-P-E at BlueConic is how we work, how we approach customer relationships and how we think about delivering value to our customers every day. They’re not just some fancy words on a poster on the fridge in an office kitchen. Nope, it’s core to who we are.

Ask our customers, work with us, or use the BlueConic CDP. You’ll see.

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