The Paradox of Personalization: Balancing Consumer Expectations with Privacy Concerns

Companies obsess over personalization, especially in marketing. According to Forrester, it's the most employed marketing strategy, with 64% of marketing leaders saying they use personalization to reach consumers.

Yet personalization is paradoxical. While consumers crave personalized experiences, they also despise companies knowing so much about them. For personalization to remain an effective strategy, companies must comply with their customers' preferences and implement personalization from a customer-led perspective.

Download this eBook to discover the strategies, data, and technology required to successfully design and execute customer experiences that address the personalization-privacy paradox. You’ll learn:

  • The state of empowered consumers

  • When consumers want personalization throughout their lifecycle

  • How to effectively deliver these personalized moments

  • What data and technology you need to succeed

This eBook is a distillation of thoughts from a recent webinar featuring BlueConic Principal CSM Khurram Moiz and Forrester Senior Analyst Jessica Liu, where they shared data from Forrester’s State of Consumer Personalization report and discussed how companies can overcome the paradox of personalization to meet consumer expectations. Listen to the complete webinar here.

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