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Introducing BlueConic Premium Support Packages

The BlueConic Customer Support team spends each day empowering customers to make the most of their CDP investment. This team of BlueConic experts responds quickly to hundreds of questions each month.  They are focused on resolving issues with precision so that you can focus on your mission-critical business goals.

Every BlueConic customer has access to the Standard Support package which includes self-service resources such as 

But what if you want faster responses? Or extended hours of support coverage during your important campaigns? Or more personalized troubleshooting during consultation calls?

Then a Premium Support package might be right for you! 

What is a Premium Support Package?

Premium Support packages are a way to deepen your partnership with the BlueConic team and move faster towards achieving your business goals.  These packages were designed around four areas of impact. 

  • Speed through faster access to our Support Engineers, 

  • Accessibility with 24/7 monitoring always or select peak periods,

  • Value with monthly reporting and quarterly support operations reviews,

  • Proactivity through regularly scheduled consultation calls with a Support Engineer.  

With Premium Support you get prioritized access to our BlueConic experts who can resolve your issues quickly and provide advice to help you prevent issues in the future.  

Types of Premium Support Packages

BlueConic Customer Support offers three Premium Support packages.

  1. Expanded Support - For customers who wish to expand hours of support coverage and increase speed of ticket resolution.

  2. Peak Priority Support - For customers who need expanded support, but only for limited engagements.  These customers can select four peak periods a year when they will receive our highest level of support.  

  3. Premium Priority Support - For customers who need the highest level of support at all times.  

Benefits of a Premium Support Package

There are many benefits to adding a Premium Support package to your subscription, but just to highlight a few:

  • Prioritized routing - With Premium Support, tickets are routed directly to the top of the Support Engineer’s queue.  This means your tickets get in front of experts fast and get resolved faster.   

  • Extended coverage - Increase the hours the support team is available for up to 18 hours each week day.

  • Deeper Partnership - Regularly scheduled consultation calls allow the Support Engineer to gain an in-depth understanding of your organization’s goals and so they can provide a well-informed solution.

  • Greater peace of mind - With Premium Support, knowing that you have streamlined access to BlueConic experts means you can focus less on issues and more on achieving your business goals. 

Premium Support is one more way that we, at BlueConic, are working to ensure your organization can make the most of its investment with us.   

Reach out to your BlueConic Customer Success Manager to set up a call to discuss whether a Premium Support package is right for you.

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