Customer Lifecycle Orchestration

Orchestrate bespoke experiences that benefit the customer and your business in every stage of the customer lifecycle.

Activate Lifecycle Marketing Across Channels

BlueConic puts you in command of how and where you activate your data so you can improve the outcomes of all your customer lifecycle marketing programs.

Optimize 1:1 Experiences

Respond to the customer wherever they are on their unique journey to deliver the right message and suppress the wrong ones. Using our Lifecycles interface, you can organize, coordinate, and visualize the marketing touchpoints designed to advance customers from one lifecycle stage to the next.

Recommendations Engine

Deliver personalized recommendations in real time on your website and in emails. Powered by machine learning, our engine algorithmically determines which product or content to recommend based on each individual’s behaviors, interests, and preferences.

Built-in Personalization

Personalize and optimize customer interactions on your website and mobile app. Pick from our gallery of personalization templates to define who to target, when and where to engage, and what to say based on the individual’s attributes – all configured directly in the platform.

Customer Lifecycle Insights

Gain new insights in relation to your customer lifecycle marketing programs. Easily customize and share dashboards by selecting from our insights gallery to understand the effectiveness of personalized interactions, NPS scores, top recommendations, cohort analysis, and more.

Orchestrate Across Channels

Send profile data to the other marketing and advertising technologies in your ecosystem with BlueConic connections. Our point-and-click connections interface makes it easy to activate data across channels and customer lifecycle marketing programs.

See what BlueConic can do for you.

Whether you’re looking for operational efficiencies or improved marketing effectiveness through data activation, our customer data platform can help.