Navigate Third-Party Data Deprecation

Reduce your reliance on third-party data and start maximizing the value of consented first-party data.

Make Identity Core to Customer Relationships

Stop settling for ‘identity’ proxies that data deprecation puts at risk. Leverage solutions that will enable innovation among your growth-focused business teams, rather than slowing them down.

Data Clean Room

Facilitate second-party data sharing with trusted partners in a privacy-safe environment. Enable pseudonymized data sharing without requiring ongoing IT involvement to maintain and add partners over time.

Consent Management

Capture and persistently store individual consent by objective and region to mitigate customer privacy risk. Then automate processes to federate individual consent to all your activation systems and channels, reducing manual effort and human error end-to-end.

Identity Resolution

Leverage the precision of deterministic matching to resolve identities using one or more unique identifiers. Complement deterministic matching with probabilistic matching in specified scenarios, such as common data entry errors.

First-Party Hostnames

Collect data from owned channels as first-party to mitigate the impact of ad blockers and third-party cookie deprecation. Enable business users to centrally manage ongoing first-party data collection across brands and channels.

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