A Unified Customer Profile for Business Users

Gain access to a customer profile database explicitly designed for the speed, scale, and flexibility you need.

Turn Disparate Data into Customer Attributes

Every data point you collect in BlueConic is translated into an attribute of an individual customer that is persistently stored in a unified customer profile.

Attributes For Activation

Capture unlimited profile attributes for every individual in your prospect and customer universe, both known and anonymous. Focus on the attributes that matter most – whether it’s behavioral, demographics, interests, privacy preferences, transactional, or predictive scores to name a few.

Resolve Identities

Use any type of customer data or ID as a ‘unique identifier’ to represent an individual – such as email, customer ID, or a combination of name and address. Then, define the rules for when two profiles will automatically merge together to form your single customer view.

Improve Data Quality

Better customer data quality leads to improved business outcomes. With built-in machine learning to maintain data hygiene, as well as other data cleansing and normalization features, you can rest assured that your customer profile data is accurate and complete.

Collect Data from Anywhere

Our robust gallery of built-in data collectors makes it easy to collect data from your website and mobile app – whether it’s behavioral, interest-based, or from a form. You can also pick from dozens of connections to collect data from other channels and systems.

Explore Rich Profile Insights

Customize and share dashboards with insights about your profile universe. Choose from a gallery of pre-built data visualizations or create your own with the modeling capabilities in our AI Workbench. You can also synch data with your other BI tools before sharing.

See what BlueConic can do for you.

Whether you’re looking for operational efficiencies or improved marketing effectiveness through data activation, our customer data platform can help.