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Gartner Report

There are many customer data management technologies marketers can use to both improve customer experience (CX) for prospects and customers. But not all customer data management technologies offer the features and functionality brands need to support their short- and long-term use cases.

Simply put, organizations that fail to master customer data management — and implement the ideal enabling technologies — are the ones that also fail to enhance their CX strategies and, in turn, are far more likely to lose customers and market share to their competitors.

If your company is thinking about customer data management, beginning a digital transformation project, or suffering from the limitations of legacy technology in your martech stack, then this Gartner report is for you.

Download the Gartner report, “Use Customer Data Management Technologies to Deliver Better Customer Experiences,” to discover:

  • How you can establish an optimal, 360-degree view that meets your business needs
  • The key ingredients to mastering customer data management in your organization
  • Advice on selecting relevant customer data management technology to enable your use cases

Whether you’re responsible for optimizing marketing and CX across channels, or a data and analytics leader supporting these CX stakeholders, this in-depth Gartner report can provide you with the insights and guidance needed to augment your customer data management practices.

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